Why Maths and Science?

Core Skills 

Maths and Science help us to understand our world and provides us with important skills in problem solving, logical reasoning and flexible thinking.

Gateway Subjects

Maths and Science are gateway subjects to professional careers, poor marks in these subjects eliminates a range of study and career options for students.

Youth Unemployment Rate 

South Africa’s high youth unemployment rate, now at 50%, is closely linked to the quality of schooling and challenges of poor numeracy and mathematics competency.

Economic Participation  

Our learner program is inspired by the vital roles that young people can play in our economy and work force – if they have a sound education in Maths and Science.

Black Talent Pool

By excelling at Maths and Science our students can study further, and we grow the pool of black Engineers, Accountants, Scientists, Mathematicians and IT professionals.

Global Competitiveness 

Skilled professionals boost our country’s ability to compete and exploit ICT opportunities. This is a game changer for South Africa’s social and economic prosperity.